PepperJill & Jack

Welcome to our home page!

PJJ Raptors

Essentially, what you need to know is we are PepperJill & Jack, and we are not what you were expecting. ¬†ūüôā

Currently based in Seattle, WA – we formed in March 2012 in New York City and don’t really follow any normal band conventions. ¬†We’re a band! ¬†There’s pretty much just the two of us. ¬†Neither one of us is PepperJill OR Jack! ¬†But wait, doesn’t it make more sense to be PepperJack and Jill? ¬†Nope! ¬†Trust us.

With a blend of classical training, old-school rock ‘n’ roll, and odball quirkiness, we’re having a hard time defining exactly what genre we’re aiming for. There’s a cappella. There’s Simon-and-Garfunkel style vocal harmonies and finger-picking. There’s trombone-vocal duets. We call it¬†acoustic-eclectic, and we’re having a blast.

We had a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for our album which we are forever grateful for and proud of.

That’s enough info for now. ¬†I’ll add some pictures and some videos, and, eventually, it’ll be sweet. ¬†Shannon is going to attempt to learn how manage a website, with the help of trusty old friend and web extraordinaire, Kyle Walters.

PJ&J in Enterprise, OR