Who are we?

We formed in March 2012 in New York City and don’t really follow any normal band conventions.

With a blend of classical training, old-school rock ‘n’ roll, and odball quirkiness, we’re having a hard time defining exactly what genre we’re aiming for. There’s a cappella. There’s Simon-and-Garfunkel style vocal harmonies and finger-picking. There’s trombone-vocal duets. We call it acoustic-eclectic, and we’re having a blast.

Favorite pie?

All pies.

Also, engagement pie is pretty darn spectacular.

Things to know!

We’re a band! There’s pretty much just the two of us.
Neither one of us is PepperJill OR Jack!
But wait, doesn’t it make more sense to be PepperJack and Jill? Nope! We are not a cheese! Though we do like cheese. In face, we came up with our name while eating grilled cheese sandwiches.